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Semiconductors are an important part of modern technology on which manufacturers from all industries depend. We provide specialized delivery solutions that support our global operations.


A Boeing or Airbus assembly line, a replacement for a cockpit instrument for an AOG situation, our hand-carry service will help you transport your time-sensitive parts the quickest possible way.


From passports and credit cards, to contracts and legal documents, we provide the most secure solutions for your confidential documents.


With South Korea being home to the largest auto parts makers, our local couriers are ready to take your cargo anywhere in the world.


If you are trying to keep your operations running smoothly and limit potential downtime, our premium delivery service will get your spare parts or drilling equipment in the shortest time possible.


Whether you need a dress for the red carpet in Cannes, or maybe just need to send a high-end design to Fashion Week in New York, we provide custom-tailored logistics solutions for the fashion industry.

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